Die Corona-Pandemie in Südosteuropa: Eine Einleitung zu diesem Blog

Die Corona-Krise fördert im östlichen Europa Gutes wie Schlechtes zutage. Die Einleitung zum Blog enthält Beispiele – und eine Mahnung.

Moldova against COVID-19: solitary or solidary?

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed, as in a drop of water, a series of weaknesses but also unsuspected strengths of the…

Executive politics in Russia in times of the pandemic: Shifting responsibility and blame as a technology of governance

The Kremlin’s reaction to the pandemic is part of a blame game. However, it remains to be seen whether Putin…

Between Statistical Calm and Political Tempest: “The Best Epidemiological Picture in Europe” and Slovenian COVID-19 Management

Slovenia was the first EU state to impose restrictive measures against the pandemic nationwide. At the same time, a new…

The Ruling Party’s Will to Power and the Inconsistency of Epidemiological Policies. What Is the Croatian “New Normal”?

The initial measures of the Anti-Pandemic Headquarters were hailed as a success. Yet recently, they took a political turn.

Competency and Trust Issues Vs Coronavirus in Kazakhstan

In Kazachstan, the relatively low number of cases could be the result of an open governance strategy.

Simply Waiting for “Collective Immunity”?

An short overview of the situation with COVID-19 in the Republic of Belarus.

Wie Covid-19 die Geschichtsschreibung stimuliert: Die Wiederentdeckung einer medizinischen Tradition in Bulgarien

Covid-19 hat zur Schließung nationaler Grenzen geführt. Die Medizingeschichte legt aber im Gegenteil internationale Zusammenarbeit nahe.

Cracks in the Machine? The COVID-19 Crisis and Strains on Viktor Orbán’s System of Rule

The crisis so far revealed how much the Prime Minister lost control of events for a while as soon as…

Illiberalism Unmasked? Covid Crisis, Economic Relief and Viktor Orbán’s Ideology

It is not individual merit that counts in Orbán’s world, but how much one is considered to fulfill duty for…

Will the World After Corona Be Half-Empty or Half-Full?

Analyses of how the world reacted to earlier crises show that we might face a crucial turning point right now.

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