Dancing the Tango with Moscow. Sputnik V in Argentina

With the help of Russia, Argentina became one of the first countries in Latin America to launch a vaccination campaign….

Executive politics in Russia in times of the pandemic: Shifting responsibility and blame as a technology of governance

The Kremlin’s reaction to the pandemic is part of a blame game. However, it remains to be seen whether Putin…

Competency and Trust Issues Vs Coronavirus in Kazakhstan

In Kazachstan, the relatively low number of cases could be the result of an open governance strategy.

The Russian Economy in Times of Corona: Weathering the Storm

The pandemic is putting economies around the world to the test. The article discusses policy responses and economic consequences for…

Im Osten, zu Ostern

Zum orthodoxen Osterfest (19.4.) stellen Corona-Einschränkungen Gläubige vor Herausforderungen. In Russland hilft manchmal nur noch Humor.

Coronavirus in Russia: Countrywide policies and regional specifics

This article explains how Russia reacted to the pandemic – and why you need a code to travel around Moscow.

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