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Simply Waiting for “Collective Immunity”?

An short overview of the situation with COVID-19 in the Republic of Belarus.

Wie Covid-19 die Geschichtsschreibung stimuliert: Die Wiederentdeckung einer medizinischen Tradition in Bulgarien

Covid-19 hat zur Schließung nationaler Grenzen geführt. Die Medizingeschichte legt aber im Gegenteil internationale Zusammenarbeit nahe.

Cracks in the Machine? The COVID-19 Crisis and Strains on Viktor Orbán’s System of Rule

The crisis so far revealed how much the Prime Minister lost control of events for a while as soon as…

Illiberalism Unmasked? Covid Crisis, Economic Relief and Viktor Orbán’s Ideology

It is not individual merit that counts in Orbán’s world, but how much one is considered to fulfill duty for…

Will the World After Corona Be Half-Empty or Half-Full?

Analyses of how the world reacted to earlier crises show that we might face a crucial turning point right now.

The “Special Quarantine Regime” in Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan the Virus is not only threatening public health, but also the freedom of opinion of internet users.

COVID-19 and the Local and Global Threats of Genocide

Especially in Southeastern Europe, some developments point towards an increasingly violent future.

Immune by Radical Faith?

In Georgia, some people feel like they have to choose between saving their health or their souls.

Public Health vs Economic Sanity Amid the Pandemic in Ukraine: The Crisis of Trust

The Coronavirus pandemic holds a magnifying glass to Ukraine’s problems.

What Has Changed in Uzbekistan Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak?

An elaboration of the key policy measures taken by the Uzbek authorities in response to the pandemic.

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